The Cycladic Educational Centre (CEC) and the Educational Dynamics (E.D.), which are the same institution in two different legal entities in succession, have participated in the following EU projects:

1. HALE – Health and Languages for Europe | CZ/05/B/F/LA-168009

HALE | October 2006 | Syros, Greece

2. CREDUTIA (Creative Education through Innovative Approaches) |2009-1-CZ1-LEO04-019571


CREDUTIA | January 2010 | Hermoupolis, Greece
CREDUTIA | June 2011 | Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria



Currently E.D. is active partner in the following EU project:

4. Kit@ Project | 2017-1-DE02-KA202-004186 | duration 3 years from 01.09.2017 until 31.08.2020 in collaboration with Germany, Slovakia, Portugal and Bulgaria.

1st TPM_Berlin, Germany_Nov 2017

2nd TPM_Lisbon, Portugal_May 2018

3rd TPM_Sofia, Bulgaria_November 2018

4th TPM_Hermoupolis, Greece_April 2019

KIT@ – FOCUS GROUP, Syros, Greece

The Focus Group event in Greece was implemented on Syros island on 31st May 2020 on the EDUCATIONAL DYNAMICS premises at 4, Arch. Komninou Street.

The workshop was realised within the framework of ERASMUS+ for the Project KIT@ and its aim was to introduce the topic of Media Literacy in the Pre-school Education level and elaborate on the benefits that preschoolers aged 3-6 can gain by experiencing the media from this tender age.

It targeted educators and professionals at ECEC centres both in private and public sector on the island of Syros and in the region of the Cyclades. In total there were ten (10) participants, all women. The public sector was represented by 30% and the private sector by 70%. Eight participants attended the workshop with physical presence and two from other regions attended it online.

The Focus Group Workshop was divided into two main parts. The first part was presented by Dr. Eugenia Papaioannou and it contained an introduction to the KIT@ Project and Media Literacy at ECEC focusing on media prospects in preschool education, applications of media education in ECEC and the content of the intellectual outcomes O2 and O3.

The second part was presented by Ms. Christine Kanellopoulou-Kyriakopoulou who demonstrated the function and applicability of the app PicCollage and the app Stop Motion Studio. The attendees had hands-on experience downloading the apps in the tablets that they were provided with and creating small projects in two groups. They created postcards in PicCollage and two small films in Stop Motion Studio.

The participating teachers strongly supported the idea that the subject of Media Literacy should be incorporated in the Pre-School national curriculum offering opportunities to children to acquire knowledge, develop important skills by using the media in a creative and playful way, learn through exploration and gain multiple linguistic and cognitive benefits.

KIT@ | FOCUS GROUP | GREECE | the on-site participants with the trainers | at EDUCATIONAL DYNAMICS | 31.05.2020


Within the framework of Erasmus+ KIT@ project, the Greek partner, EDUCATIONAL DYNAMICS Language and Teacher Education Centre, implemented the C2 workshops on 28th June, 5th and 12th July 2020 addressing kindergarten teachers deriving from the regions of the Cyclades and Attica.

The workshops were held at the Educational Dynamics premises on Syros island, Greece, and were attended by five kindergarten teachers from both public and private sectors.

The aim of the workshops was to introduce Media Literacy in the ECEC centres as an integral subject of the young children’s education. The main objectives were (a) to raise awareness of the importance of Media Literacy in the curriculum of preschool education, (b) to present various media and their role in enhancing learning at ECEC centres, (c) to develop practical skills of the ECEC professionals in using media to the benefit of the children’s development.

On completion of the C2 workshops, Educational Dynamics implemented the practical workshop C5 from 14th to 16th July inviting 3 kindergarten teachers from the public sector who were trained in Media Literacy and its practical implementation in the preschool education.